TeamQualityPro Trial
How will the TeamQualityPro trial be deployed?
The TeamQualityPro solution.

How long can our organization have access to the application?
The trial is meant to last for 30 days though it can be extended upon request.

Are there any differences in features for the trial version?
The TeamQualityPro solution trial version is the full featured product version.

How many developer licenses will be included as part of the trial?
TeamQualityPro believes in facilitating a trial at a level indicative of the client’s entire application development infrastructure. TeamQualityPro’s standard trial configuration includes 200 developer licenses. Larger configurations will be considered upon request.

What level of support is included with the TeamQualityPro trial deployments?
Trial users are providers the same level of comprehensive support as clients of the TeamQualityPro solution for the duration of the trial.

Can we convert to the paid version prior to trial end?
Yes. Please call us and we will convert your trial to a paid version.

What additional technical implementation steps are required to convert to a paid version?
There is no difference between the trial version and the full software version. No additional implementation steps are required to convert.