• Why Your Company Needs a Visual Online Dashboard

    You probably hear the saying “What gets measured, gets done.” lots of times or “You can’t measure what you can’t see”. Your company probably already have tons of metrics circulating around that only focus on one area (defects, hours, etc.) but you can’t see the whole picture.

    How do you currently determine if your applications health improved from one release to the next? Do you ask someone to pull data from different data sources? If you have a visual dashboard in place you would be able to just navigate to it, select the application in question and determine if the applications health improved or not. The image below is from TeamQualityPro’s dashboard, which allows you to see if an application had less/more defects found from release to release so you can implement action plans. As you can see by the screenshot you can see right away if there was an increase or decrease in defects by phase/severity.

    Why Your Company Needs a Visual Online Dashboard

     Below are the key reasons on why you should implement an automated visual dashboard:

    • Ability to have the data refreshed real-time
    • Ability to not be dependent on a human to create and distribute the data needed
    • Ability to access the dashboard anywhere you are
    • Ability to access the dashboard from any device
    • Ability to identify and correct trends before they become an issue down the line
    • Ability to see progress towards goals/objectives
    • Ability to compare/correlate values
    • Ability to evaluate organization health
    • Ability to identify and apply proactive measures

    TIP: An automated dashboard provides critical, actionable information about your organization to decision makers at every level and across every area of your business anytime.


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