About TQP

TeamQualityPro is a real-time integrated platform to evaluate the entire ecosystem of Application projects and development resources with drill down investigation into specific team activity. The dashboards present on demand information to make informed assessments from any location at any time.

TeamQualityPro is code agnostic and built on lean architecture. An organization can rapidly connect and define views, investigate teams and projects in each development phase from requirements through production. Industry standard critical measurements in CMMI, Code Complexity, Function points, Testing, Lines of Code, Defect analysis, Project progress, and Costs produce graphical and table formats for decision accuracy.

Big Idea! TQP delivers a consistent process to acquire and analyze data. Kick those ad-hoc reports and department bias analysis to the curb. With TQP, your organization now gets, on-demand, real time, from any device – all the Application team data from requirements to production.

What you want What you do NOT need
Project Progress Metrics Subjective Ad-hoc reports
Team Complexity Costly Data warehouse project
Code Quality Reports from code systems only
Testing Data Reports from testing systems only
Top 10 Visibility Generate biased or missing information lists
Forecasting & Trends Dark hole
Costs details for Teams, Work effort, Defects, Projects Subjective and out of date cost information and/or missing data
Access from any device Shared files passed via email
Real Time Data Data inconsistency

How does it work?
Your team or the TQP team (or a TQP partner) connects your critical systems into TQP via a variety of industry standards.

For example: code quality, we will integrate with ANY bug-tracking systems (including CAST, Weblayers, Klockwork, Fortify, Coverity, SonarSource, and open source code checkers: Jira, Bugzilla, Mantis, Microsoft Team System, Fogbugz) with a real time data-synchronization system.

The TQP administrator sets the timeframe for updates – that simple. TQP works with your team to install a process of data collection producing consistent and reliable information.

No. There are several systems out there measuring individual elements in their specific work area. Each independent product from code checkers to accounting systems generate reports on their own domain data. TeamQualityPro brings all the elements into one unified measuring system to make real time business decisions.

Yes, TQP has a cost basis for use. We offer the system, unlimited use, in either SaaS (pay by the month) or On-Premises. The cost is valued on four levels of application team size. However, this cost translates out to less than $5 a person.

Material Cost savings, what is important is the specific and continuous costs savings coupled with 100% elimination of the expense to produce, collate, validate, cross-reference, annotate, and most importantly prepare within a limited time window. Unlimited Business Intelligence delivered in a unified platform.