The Business Intelligence landscape for Application Development has just changed. TQP is a BigData solution for a fraction of the cost. The only system where all the information from every phase of all the code, people, costs, projects in the Application business unit - is available - Real Time Any Time

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TeamQualityPro provides the ability to see all areas within your organization so the data is actionable. Take a look at some of the tools we support.

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TeamQualityPro provides scorecards for all areas of your organization.

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Staffing Metrics

Intelligently evaluate staffing mix, costs, by application or domain: Compare staffing team matrix from in-house, offshore, temporary, or consultants – on any Project for any Time frame.

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Prediction & Trending engine puts a hard number on what is about to happen in testing, defects, costs, and other critical data.

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Top 10

Instantly view the rank of teams, applications, performance, code, and projects against each other.

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Power of SaaS

TQP can be setup in house or via SaaS

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Walk through the amazing TQP system with our seed data.

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At TeamQualityPro, we have unleashed the potential of robust integrated Graphics and Trends to quickly measure AppDev health and success to objective.